Vancouver, WA: C-TRAN will soon activate a new “Green Zone” feature that will reduce emissions produced by vehicles in our fleet. It allows a hybrid bus to switch to electric-only mode when it’s traveling through a dense area such as a transit center or urban transit mall.

C-TRAN is deploying the feature from BAE Systems as a pilot program on two of its New Flyer buses. The Green Zone program establishes a defined area where the bus will temporarily shut off its diesel engine and run only on electric battery power. Using GPS technology with New Flyer’s Connect telematics signal location, the bus automatically makes this switch when it reaches the defined area.

The Green Zone pilot will initially be activated in two areas: around Fisher’s Landing Transit Center in Vancouver, and the transit mall along Fifth and Sixth Avenue in downtown Portland. The result is lower carbon emissions and cleaner air as the bus passes through high-pedestrian areas. Testing began earlier in 2020.

“Environmental stewardship is a big part of what we do as a public transit provider. We’re pleased to implement this latest step toward those efforts,” said C-TRAN Chief Executive Officer Shawn M. Donaghy. “C-TRAN is proud to be a sustainability leader in the region, and we’re proud to work with our partners in making this project happen.”

Two C-TRAN vehicles are involved in the pilot program: Our two newest 60-foot articulated New Flyer buses that have been assigned to Express service since 2019. Implementing the Green Zone technology is a small but important step, and it’s another way to help make our community more sustainable—not just in the service we provide, but in the way we provide it.

C-TRAN is the regional public transportation provider for portions of Clark County. It offers Local bus service within its Clark County service area, Regional bus service to the nearest MAX light rail station, and Express commuter service to downtown Portland. It also provides Connector service within the city limits of Vancouver, Camas, La Center, and Ridgefield. For more information on C-TRAN please visit C-TRAN’s website at, or call Customer Service at 360-695-0123.


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