Shawn M. Donaghy

Shawn M. Donaghy

Chief Executive Officer

Our Community, Our Promise

At C-TRAN, our responsibility to the community is paramount to the success of our organization. C-TRAN employees work hard every day to provide world-class service to the citizens of the Clark County Public Transportation Benefit Area, and that journey will never end. We will continue to improve our service, gain valuable community feedback, and focus on providing a safe, efficient and enjoyable experience for all of our customers. Our Community, Our Promise is just that—C-TRAN is honored, and proud to serve this community, and we promise to continue being a driving force for you.

Our executive team is ready to help in any way possible. To reach us, please email [email protected].

Monica C. Fowler

Monica C. Tellez-Fowler

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
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