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TheVine-logo-3colorC TRAN Logo for Vine Homepage

Open For Busness

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 Fourth Plain is C-TRAN’s busiest transit corridor, averaging nearly 2 million trips annually. Unfortunately, this has led to frequent overcrowding and delays. So what is C-TRAN’s response? In September 2015, C-TRAN began construction on a project that replaced Route 4 with a new Fourth Plain Bus Rapid Transit System, The Vine. The Vine utilizes larger buses and level boarding stations in order to:

  • Reduce travel time
  • Improve reliability; and
  • Control Costs

The Vine costs less to operate than the service it replaced. The Vine saves riders up to 10 minutes on each trip and the service frequency increases to 10 minutes per trip in the peak hours compared to 15 minutes on Route 4.

The Vine connects downtown Vancouver with Westfield Vancouver Mall to the east, serving Clark College and Fourth Plain Boulevard businesses along the way. It also provides a unique identity with 34 stations that will offer passengers a safe, secure and reliable transit experience, all while improving the visual and economic climate of the corridor by supporting not only transit riders, but our community as well.

The Vine ws constructed with existing local, state and federal funds; which means no tax increase is needed to fund it.